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Iliamna Village Council continues to focus on sustainability and  responsible waste disposal along with recycling opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste disposed of at the landfill. 

Iliamna Landfill Is an Alaska Class III Landfill

Waste collection is done by individuals and businesses on a self-haul basis. A landfill monitor is present during the posted hours. Everyone is expected to sort their garbage and recycle.

Hours of Operation

Monday  10 am-12 pm

Thursday 4 am-6 pm

Saturday 10 am-12 pm

Accepted Residential Garbage

The landfill accepts the following residential garbage, up to 260 lbs:​

  • Household trash-Residential yearly fee $200 plus processing fee (3.5%) when paying by credit card.

  • Household small batteries-No charge  

  • Misc (animal carcasses, ashes, etc) $5.00 per carcass-Must be bagged

  • Waste Cooking Oils-No Charge- 5 gallons-Fats, oil, grease

  • Vehicle batteries (limits apply 3 per household per year) No Charge  

  • Fluorescent lamps and bulbs (limits apply) No charge  

  • Electronic Waste-No charge-Mixed electronic waste (desktop and laptop computers, monitors, televisions, cell phones, computer accessories like printers, keyboards, mice, etc.) 

See Waste Disposal Guide

Disposal Service Fees

Some disposal services are charged a fee, among them are:

More Information:

For questions about what can be taken to the landfill, please call (907) 571-4130


The Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department is responsible for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the Iliamna Landfill facility and landfill area. The Iliamna Landfill compacts waste into which are then placed in the landfill and burns waste. The landfill is operated in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines.


Landfill operations are supported  by disposal fees and grant programs attained by Iliamna Village Council. Fee's are assessed by services provided by Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department, so residents and local businesses can bring many waste items to the landfill. Everyone is expected to sort their garbage and recycle!

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