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When you join the Iliamna Village Adopt-A-Road program, you become a vital part of an important public/private partnership, you join the Solid Waste Division and the Iliamna community dedicated to keeping Iliamna’s roadsides clean and attractive.

No special skills or experience are required – just a commitment to the community and concern for the environment.

The purpose of this program is to allow for residents, organizations and local businesses to assist in keeping our valley beautiful and trash free. You will be able to request a Iliamna road or right of way to maintain, protect the cleanliness of our neighborhoods, and be a part of making the valley a beautiful place to reside.

  • Your group can select a mile (or more) of roadway you would like to sponsor. Groups can be family members, churches, businesses, organizations or even a group of friends!

  • Your group agrees to pick up litter in your section of road at least three times per year, following all the safety guidelines in your agreement.

  • This program is a two-year commitment, with the option to renew your agreement at the end of each term.

  • Your group’s name will be placed on an Adopt-A-Road sign that will be placed for you at the site.

  • The participants along with the Borough will promote the clean-up efforts through media attention.

What you have to do:

  • Complete our request form

  • Complete our safety guideline program

  • Provide your team with safety vests and cones. (Cones can be provided by the IVC Landfill Program Coordinator)

  • Solid Waste will provide bags and approval to dump at the nearest disposal site or landfill at no cost to your team. (Arrangements must be made in advance with the Program Coordinator).

Clean-up event after approval:

  • You can pick-up cones and bags as needed before your clean-up event.

  • The IVC Landfill will provide and place a sign of recognition on the road being maintained by the group or organization.

  • It will be the group’s obligation to place and put away cones and warning signs before/after the clean-up event.

  • Each individual partaking in the clean-up will be required to wear a safety vest.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

  • Meet or contact IVC Landfill Program Coordinator after event and return unused bags and cones.

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