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Positions available:
  • Clerk

Clerk Duties and Responsibilities


Clerks are responsible for tasks assigned to them by their office manager or other department employees. Most of these tasks involve working with company documents and internal and external communications.

• Updating and storing business files to ensure they are accurate and accessible for other employees
• Typing reports, letters and other business documents
• Sorting mail and responding to it or distributing it to appropriate employees
• Answering telephone calls and emails and redirecting them to other employees when appropriate
• Issuing invoices and following up outstanding payments
• Taking dictations and minutes during meetings
• Making travel arrangements for other company employees’ business trips
• Monitoring office supplies and reporting when stock levels are low to office manager

Skills and Qualifications:

• Familiarity with common office processes, including filing, handling mail and directing telephone calls
• Computer literacy, including familiarity with common word processing, spreadsheet, database and basic accounting software
• Accurate and efficient typing skills for data entry, taking minutes and dictations, answering emails and typing letters and other documents
• Verbal communication for addressing other employees, customers and other business contacts
• Customer service for dealing with members of the public
• Organization and ability to multitask for filing and completing several clerical and administrative tasks at once
• Attention to detail to ensure all tasks are completed to a high standard, such as taking sufficiently detailed minutes and telephone messages
• Integrity and discretion when working with sensitive employee and customer details

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