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Job Openings

Community Health Representative

  • Location: Iliamna

  • Supervisor: Tribal Administrator

  • Pay: $30 per hour, plus benefits

  • Status: full time

  • Closing date: Until filled

Job Summary: The Community Health Representative will coordinate and assist in the development and implementation of community-based health and wellness education and COVID-19 emergency preparedness. The Representative will be the Village of Iliamna’s public health and social services liaison to the community through social media, digital and verbal communication. The CHR will be tasked with listening to community members to gather insight and input on public health, social services and wellness policies. The CHR will be required to understand the COVID-19 disease and stay current with information and recommendations for the community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this position will largely focus on response and prevention. However, this is a long-term position to improve the health and wellness of the Village of Iliamna. Long-term, this position will focus on promoting public health education, traditional knowledge and general wellness in the community.

Essential Functions:

  1. Keep current inventory of all COVID-19 prevention and response supplies (anything ranging from PPE and cleaning supplies to tests) all up to date and in stock.

  2. Help individuals and families recognize needs and advocate for themselves.

  3. Deliver cleaning or COVID-related supplies to Elders and Tribal Members in isolation or recovering.

  4. Attend bi-weekly EOC meetings with the local entities such as the clinic, school, Newhalen Tribal and City, Incident Commander, and the Borough.

  5. Attend monthly after hours council meetings and update the council on public health briefings within the community.

  6. Update local public health mandates based on the current trends of the virus and effectively communicate any changes to the public, including businesses that operate in the area.

  7. Produce a weekly COVID-19 report based on the most current data from the clinic, to be distributed to the community, such as active cases, available funding, and services.

  8. Know where to find current, up-to-date information through CDC or IHS to keep the community updated.

  9. Provide education in the community as needed to promote healthy parenting, mental, cultural, physical, and spiritual health.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. High school diploma

  2. Proficiency in Word, Excel preferred

  3. Background in a medical field preferred

  4. Ability and willingness to clearly communicate to the public about COVID-19.

  5. Must have a valid drivers license

  6. Must be self-motivated, creative, and original in performance.

  7. Must have great communication, organization, and resilience skills.

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