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These initiatives and services play a vital role in fostering a strong, resilient, and thriving community within the Native Village of Iliamna, supporting the well-being and prosperity of all community members.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services: The office offers access to healthcare services, including medical care, wellness programs, and health education to promote the well-being of community members.

Social Programs

Social Programs: The office offers social programs and services, such as elder care, youth programs, and community events, to foster social connections, support vulnerable populations, and promote community engagement.

Education Programs

Education Programs: The Tribal Administration Office supports education initiatives, such as scholarships, tutoring, and cultural education programs, to empower community members and promote lifelong learning.

Economic Development

Economic Development Initiatives: The Tribal Administration Office supports economic development initiatives, such as job training programs, small business support, and workforce development opportunities, to create sustainable economic opportunities for community members.

Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance: The office provides housing assistance programs, including rental assistance, home repairs, and affordable housing options, to ensure safe and stable housing for community members.

Cultural Preservation Efforts

Cultural Preservation Efforts: The office promotes cultural preservation efforts, including language revitalization programs, traditional arts and crafts workshops, and cultural events, to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the community.


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