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Iliamna Village Council Projects

The Village of Iliamna in Alaska is proud to announce that we have received grant rewards to fund several projects aimed at enhancing our tribal community. We are excited to these funds to improve the quality of life for our and to promote economic growth in our region. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

New Admin Building


Iliamna Tribal Building

Iliamna Village Council is excited to announce that we have received funding to build a community gathering space that will serve as hub for bingo, events, meetings, and tribal administration offices. The space will also include a public library, providing a valuable resource for our community. We look forward to sharing this space everyone in Iliamna.


New Halen Bridge Project

The Iliamna Village Council has procured federal funding to design a bridge to span the Newhalen River and provide road access to the Village of Nondalton, which lies on the western shore of Six-mile Lake (approximately 15 air miles due north of the Village of Iliamna). The proposed bridge crossing lies within an established right-of-way (ROW) easement which is approximately 0.5 river miles downstream from the outlet of Six-mile Lake and 22 river miles upstream of the confluence of the Newhalen River with Lake Iliamna. An existing gravel road has already been constructed from the Village of Iliamna to the eastern bank of the Newhalen River in the vicinity of the proposed bridge crossing.

Bridge Location
huktazun shelter


Huktaz'Un Healing & Hope Center

Huktaz'Un Shelter is dedicated to providing a safe, and empowering emergency refuge for Women, Children, and Two Spirited Individuals facing domestic violence. Founded on profound respect for indigenous women and families, our shelter is staffed by a dedicated team of individuals who understand the unique challenges and strengths of our residents.


Iliamna Transit Maintenance Building

Iliamna Department of Transportation is in the process of constructing a new Transit Maintenance facility.

Excavator Tractor
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