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Waste Disposal Site

Business Application 



  1. Fill out the Application for Business Charges

  2. Please complete the entire document. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  3. Enter the full billing address including the city, state, and zip code.

  4. Return the Completed Forms to the Iliamna Landfill Director Sue Anelon. The application process requires this Application.

Additional Information:

  1. Once your forms are received your account should be activated within no later than one week.

  2. A card will be mailed to the USPS address provided on the application or can be picked up at Iliamna Village Business Administration Building.

  3. Your drivers are required to have this card with them each time they come to Iliamna Landfill.


Types of payment accepted: Pay your invoices by either mailing a check to Iliamna Landfill PO Box 286, Iliamna AK, 99606 or paying online by Visa or Mastercard.


Thank you!

Business Solid Waste Landfill Account.

Business Type
S Corp
C Corp
Sole Proprietorship

Business Account Type

  • Seasonal Landfill Solid Waste Disposal is for Non-Iliamna Residential businesses.

  • Local BusinessSolid Waste Disposal is for Permanent Residential businesses.

  • Companies operating more than one business must register all businesses and pay for each. No Exceptions!

Pay by Check: avoid credit card fees and follow this link for application.

Pay by Credit Card/Debit:

Pay by Credit Card: Business Landfill Accounts (Non-Permanent Resident and Local Business Resident)I authorize Iliamna Village Council to charge me for the above Solid Waste services. The fees listed include the 3.5% convenience fee.

Terms and Conditions:

APPLICANT CERTIFICATION: The undersigned certifies that s/he is the owner/partner/officer of this business, has lawful authority to sign this application, and agrees to pay the applicable rates and abide by the terms and conditions as prescribed by the Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department operated by the Iliamna Village Council. Acceptance of this application by the Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department (Iliamna Landfill) constitutes a contract between the Iliamna Village Council and the applicant. All cost incurred by Iliamna Landfill for collection of any unpaid accounts shall be paid by the applicant.

The Iliamna Landfill reserves the right to require a deposit on account or to request payment at the time of disposal. All fees shall be the obligation of the disposing party. Disposers shall be issued an invoice at the time of disposal with payment due within thirty (30) days of the disposal date. If the account falls into arrears, further use of the Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department operated by Iliamna Village Council charge account may be denied or suspended until the amounts due, including collection expenses and late fees, are paid in full. Continuously delinquent accounts may result in the revocation of charging privileges.

Charges cannot be made at any Iliamna Landfill disposal site unless a valid Iliamna Landfill Business Account card is presented to the attendant at the time of disposal. The Iliamna Landfill has the right to deny the use of charge cards at its facilities if payment is delinquent.I hereby declare that the information provided is true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and is voluntarily submitted for the purpose of receiving Iliamna Landfill services. It is understood that upon presentation, this application becomes Iliamna Landfill property. I also certify that I am eighteen (18) years of age of older.

I understand that my charge account should be protected from unauthorized users and that I will be held responsible for any charges occurring on my account unless I have notified the Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department to cancel the cards.

Business  cards issued to my company may not be loaned or used by any other disposer unless the Iliamna Landfill Waste Management Department authorizes the use prior to any loads being brought into an Iliamna Landfill facility.

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